Lighting and Compositing Artist

Department: Lighting and Compositing

employee, freelancer

We are looking for Lighting and Compositing Artists to join our team in Budapest for both short- and long-term projects!


  • Lighting of Maya scenes, achieving the right mood the shot requires;
  • Compositing of the lit scenes in Nuke, achieving the final image.


  • Expert knowledge of lighting and shading elements of Maya;
  • Good working knowledge of any node based compositing software (preferably Nuke);
  • Good visual sense of lighting for 3D photorealism;
  • Basic knowledge of light- and color composition, 2D layout;
  • Good eye for details;
  • At least two years of production experience in a similar position.


  • Design/Art background;
  • Basic knowledge of Arnold;
  • Photography/lighting knowledge;
  • Shading knowledge;
  • Ability to create Nuke gizmos, tcl and Python scripting.

What we offer:

  • Employment or freelancing positions are both available;
  • Supportive work environment;
  • Personal relocation support or remote solutions.